Dimensions currently includes the content types listed below, but not all data sources listed here may be available to you. If you are using the free Dimensions version you will only be able to search Publications and Data sets. If you're organisation has a Dimensions subscription and you would like to get access to more data sources than are currently available to you, please contact us via the support ticket / 'send feedback' form.

  • Publications - journal articles/preprints/edited books/book chapters/monographs relating to research, indexed via Crossref, PubMed, PubMed Central, arXiv.org and more than 160 publishers directly.

  • Data Sets - stand-alone data sets and those associated with publications, from a variety of data repositories indexed via DataCite and figshare.

  • Grants - awarded grants for research projects, coming from hundreds of different funders from across the globe.

  • Patents - patent records from IFI Claims from more than 100 countries and patent offices.  

  • Clinical Trials - clinical trial records currently coming from about a dozen registries such as ClinicalTrials.gov (United States), CHICTR (China), UMIN-CTR (Japan) and EU-CTR (European Union).

  • Policy Documents - government guidelines, reports or white papers; publications by independent policy institutes, advisory committees on specific topics, research institutes, and international organisations.
  • [Technical Reports] - 'grey' literature such as working papers and reports from various different organisations.

Further content types will be added in the future.