We harvest clinical trials data from a range of international clinical trial registries. These are: 

  • ClinicalTrials.gov (United States)
  • EU-CTR (EU)
  • UMIN-CTR (Japan)
  • ISRCTN (International)
  • ANZCTR (Australia/New Zealand)
  • CHICTR (China)
  • ENCePP (Netherlands)
  • NTR (Netherlands)
  • GCTR (Germany)
  • CRIS (Korea)
  • CTRI (India)
  • ICRT (Iran)

The below table tells you what is meant by each of the information fields used for clinical trials data in Dimensions

Details page field
Title, registry, ID
Title, registry and ID of the clinical trial
Brief Title

A short title of the clinical trial, and if available, the acronym used publicly to describe the clinical trial

Persons involved in the trial, incl. Principal investigators, Contact persons
The Sponsor of the trial and other organizations involved in the clinical trial
Summary and detailed description of the clinical trial
Study phase, condition and intervention name/type
Recruitment information
Currently includes the gender of participants eligible to participate in the clinical trial
Trial period
Start and end date of the trial
Research Categories
Research categories (e.g. Fields of Research) of this clinical trial
External sources
Linkout to the clinical trial registry