Where does the patent data come from?

Patent data in Dimensions is collected and provided by IFI claims, a Digital Science company.

Which patent offices are covered in Dimensions?

The following patent offices are currently covered in Dimensions - 

  • US

  • EPO

  • WIPO

  • DE

  • CA

  • IN

  • AU

  • GB

  • FR

  • Hong Kong 

Further patent offices will be added in 2018.

The below table explains what is meant by each of the data labels in patent data in Dimensions.

Details page field
Patent title, filing status, jurisdiction and ID, abstract
e.g. Application US-20140263541-A1: Filing status=Application, Jurisdiction=US, ID=20140263541-A1
Patent references
Patents in Dimensions cited by this record
Patent citations
Patents in Dimensions citing this record
Also published as
A single invention can be the subject of a patent application in many different countries. These related applications are known as corresponding documents (or "equivalents") and you will find them under the Also published as heading.
Patent citations
Patents in Dimensions citing this record
Person(s) designated as the inventor(s) in the patent application
Original / current Assignee
The organisation that has been assigned the patent
Legal status
Legal status data relates to information on the events during the lifetime of a patent application, such as granted, active, expired, pending or withdrawn.
Date when the patents will eventually expire
Document history
This section displays the publication, filing and priority date of the patent.
- The filing date of an application is the date on which it was validly filed, i.e. was deemed to fulfil the filing requirements concerned. In Dimensions you can find the filing date in the Document history.
- The publication date is the date on which a patent application is first published. It is the date on which the document is made available to the public, thereby making it part of the state of the art.
- The priority date is the filing date of the very first patent application for a specific invention.
Research Categories
Research categories (e.g. Fields of Research) of this patent
Patent Categories
IPCR and CPC categories of this patent
External sources
Linkout to the patent office