You can refine and filter your search results by using filters for a certain entity, and this can be done in two different ways - 

1. The filter panel on the left side - The search filters on the left side can be used at any time to go directly to results for a particular entity such as Source Title, etc. Each filter presents the top ten entities for that filter, sorted by the number of results for the present search. If the entity you are looking for is not among these first ten, the “more” button at the bottom of the list allows you to type the name of the entity you are looking for. This type-ahead function will then bring up a selection of possible matches for your search, which you can then select from to choose the filter for that entity.

2. Clicking on entities in the Analytical Views area - The Analytical Views area displays a range of different lists and visualisations of the results of any search. The name of any entity in this area - such as a Journal or Researcher etc. - can be clicked on to then add that entity as another filter for the search. The page will then reload with that filter added.