To search using an abstract, simply select "Abstract Search" in the bottom right over the search area (see screenshot below). Then paste in the abstract into the box, and then press 'Enter' on your keyboard. All data sources will be searched for documents which are similar to the abstract that you have entered. 

The abstract search is a very simple and effective, way to search for documents on a specific topic. Instead of trying to search for a combination of keywords to describe the area you are interested in, you can simply find an abstract (or other section of text) which represents the area well, and copy and paste this into an abstract search. The results identified will be entirey determined by the contents of the abstract text. Abstracts of methods papers or highly technical wording will be likely to bring back a smaller number of results which are highly related in scope to the entered Abstract. Using a review paper abstract, or less technical piece of text is likely to lead to a greater number of more general results.

Abstract searches rely on complex weighted combinations of automatically identified noun phrases to identify higher similar documents, and due to the complex processing required for this, it is not always possible to immediately provide a precise number of results from a search. Therefore a range is indicated instead. The rounding rules are as follows:

  • # results 1-9 —>  "< 10"
  • # results 10-1000 —> rounded to the nearest multiple of ten
  • # results 1001- n —> ">1,000"

Text used in Abstract searches is not stored or uploaded into the Dimensions database in any way, and remains private to you.