Creating and managing alerts

Creating a new alert

You can opt-in to receive weekly email updates of new results for each content type of a saved search. The email will list up to 10 new results for each selected content type as well as a link to view the new results in Dimensions. This "Show all new publications/grants, etc." link opens Dimensions with a filter applied which only shows the results added during the last 7 days.

Saving a search as a favorite

Enabling search alerts

Example email alert

Enabling or disabling alerts for existing favorites

Alerts will not automatically be enabled for existing favorites, but you can manage alerts in an overview page called "Browse Favorites".

Accessing the "Browse Favorites" page


How can I unsubscribe?

There are three ways of disabling alerts:

  1. "Cancel this alert" in the email: disables the alert, no login required;
  2. "Manage alerts" in the email: takes you to the "Browse Favorites" page where alerts can be managed (login required);
  3. In the application, go to the "Browse Favorites" page where all alerts can be managed.

Can I get multiple alerts in one email?

No, you will always receive one email per alert/search.