The easiest way to search for a person in Dimensions is to use the "Researcher" filter on the left side of the page. Simply select the researcher filter, and then either select the person you are interested in by clicking "Limit to" next to their name, or, if their name does not appear in the list, click "more" and type the name you are looking for. This will present you with options matching your search. Click "Limit to" to see results only associated with that person.

Currently, researcher profiles will include any publications, patents, grants or clinical trials which this person is connected to (policy documents are not included), and the persons profile page will include other details and links to external pages such as their ORCiD record or other databases, if they are available.

Searching for a researcher using an ORCiD identifier

If you know the ORCiD identifier of the researcher that you are trying to find in Dimensions, you can use this to find them in the search box. Simply enter the ORCiD identifier in the Search box in quotation marks (e.g. "0000-0002-3423-5030") and search with the "Full data" option. If we have the ORCiD matched to a researcher in Dimensions then the results will include all of their publications, as well as any other publications which include the identifier somewhere in their full text document. Then, in order to filter to only the person of interest, use the Researcher filter to select the researcher specifically, and remove the rest of the search query.


I cannot find the person I am looking for. Why not?

If typing the name in does not give you the option you are looking for, it is either because you have spelt the name wrong, or the person does not have a profile in Dimensions. In order to have a Dimensions profile, a person needs to have at least two documents associated with them (publications, grants or clinical trials).

I see multiple copies of the same name in the list. How do I know which one to choose?

The current affiliation of the researcher is displayed alongside the name in the researcher filter type-ahead. This should therefore enable you to be able to choose the person with the affiliation you are expecting if there are many versions of the same name available in the list.