(The following functionality is not available in the free Dimensions version).

To search for a particular research organisation/University, simply go to the filter "Research Organization" on the left side, and you will see the top ten organizations ranked by the number of results for the current search. To filter search results to only one of these, click on "Limit to" next to the name of the organization in the list (this appears over the number of results with a mouse-over), or, if the organization you are looking for is not in the top ten, simply click on "more" and enter the name of the organization. When you have found the right organization in the list, click on "Limit to" next to the name, or click on the name itself to include this organization as one of many organizations you want to include in the filter.

If you want to find only documents which have been authored by both organisation 1 and organisation 2, simply repeat the process shown in the above animation for each organisation. This will then result in a so-called "AND" search between the organisations chosen, and only documents which feature all of the organisations requested will be returned in the search. 


Why can't I find the organization I am looking for?

If you cannot find the organization you are looking for after typing it into the box, this is either because the name is spelt wrongly, or the organization does not appear in Dimensions (if the organization has a consistent research output, this is extremely unlikely).

How does Dimensions disambiguate research organizations?

Dimensions uses the GRID disambiguation system to identify research organizations. For more details on this, please contact us at support@dimensions.ai.