There are three main search options in the Dimensions search box - full data, title and abstract only, and DOI.

  • Full data - the keyword will be searched for in all data fields that are found for that document (e.g. for publications this would be affiliation, journal name, journal type, researcher name etc. as well as title and abstract). In cases where the full text is indexed in the background (roughly 70% of the publications in Dimensions) this will also be searched, even though the full text may not be available to see within Dimensions itself. This will mean that many results that are returned may not include mention of the searched keyword on the document page, but are returned in the search because the keyword can be found in the full text which cannot be read. This is also true when searching patents data, where many full text documents are available for both searching and reading.
  • Title and abstract - the search will be restricted to the title, subtitle and abstract fields only, when searching in publications or grants. When searching in clinical trials and patents, the title and description/summary will be searched. In addition, for publications, the following fields will be searched as well:
    • Various unique document identifiers (Dimensions publication ID, DOI, Crossref ID, PubMed ID, PubMed Central ID, ReadCube ID);
    • MeSH Terms (for publications indexed in MEDLINE);
    • (Author) keywords (provided by some publishers and for publications indexed in MEDLINE).
  • DOI - this option allows for the direct search for an individual publication using a DOI identifier. The DOI identifier can be entered in both the long or short form (e.g. or 10.1038/ncomms10584). It is also possible to enter a DOI stem to return all documents with DOIS matching that stem (10.1038/ncomms in this case). The DOI search option only appears for the publications data source.