When using the filters in Dimensions, results from a search may return results which seem to contradict the filter applied. This is because filters are applied to documents (publications, grants, clinical trials, patents or policy documents), which may contain more than one attribute. For example, there may be two authors for a publication who work at different research organisations - University A and University B. Therefore using a filter for “University A”, and then looking at the results list in “Research Organisation” will give both University A as well as University B, because the filter has been applied to the document, and the document also contains an affiliation to University B. This can be extremely useful when examining the collaborations between institutions.

Displaying only researcher results from a filtered organisation (Dimensions Analytics only).

As described above, if filtering by a research organisation in Publications, and then navigating to the "Researchers" tab in the Analytical Views area, a list of researchers from the results will be shown, but these researchers will not all be affiliated with the organisation that has been filtered to, as they are also co-authors on the publications but not based at the same organisation. However, if you wish to limit the list of researchers to only researchers that are affiliated with the filtered research organisation, then you can select the check-box that says "Show only researchers who currently work at/in: (research organisation)". You can see this in the example below, using the University of Oxford. If you have filtered to more than one research organisation, the dropdown menu will allow you to select the research organisation you would like to restrict to from the ones that you have filtered to. (The restriction of researchers to only one research organisation is currently only available in Dimensions Analytics).