The filters are found on the left side of the page, and enable you to filter your search results to only entities of interest, such as a researcher, funder, research organisation* etc. If you are using Dimensions Analytics you can also create your own groups of entities to search with. 

Limiting by a single entity

To see all results for a researcher, organisation or funder etc. simply choose the relevant filter on the left side. If the name you are looking for is in the top ten listed, simply hover the mouse over the number of results next to this, and the words "Limit to" will appear. Click on this to apply the filter to your search. If the name you are looking for is not in the top ten results listed, click on "more" and type the name you are searching for. When this appears in the list then click "Limit to" next to the name, and the filter will be applied.

Limiting to more than one entity at a time

If you would like to limit to more than one entity at a time in an "OR" search, you can do this by clicking on the circles to the left of each name in the filter list. Simply select each of the names you want to include in the search by checking the circles, and then click on "Limit to" at the bottom of the page. If the names you are looking for do not appear in the top ten list, click on "more" and type the name. The options will appear, and when you identify the one you are looking for, click on this name, and it will be added, and included, in the list. Once you have added all desired names, you can then click on "Limit to" to define the search. 

Excluding an entity from a search**

Filters can also be used to exclude an entity from your search results. Simply select one or more entities in a filter and then click on "Exclude" at the bottom of the page.

*Not all filters are available in all Dimensions versions.

**These features are only available in Dimensions Analytics