(This feature is only available in Dimensions Analytics).

Groups make it possible to combine multiple entities to a custom group with a custom name, which can then be used in conjunction with other filters, groups or keywords. It allows you to create a group of entities of the same type, for example a group of researchers (e.g. “department X”), a group of source titles (e.g. “top journals in neuroscience”), or a group of organizations (e.g. “top Universities”). (It is not possible to combine entities of different types (e.g. funders and institutions) into a group.) After you have created a group it will appear under the "My groups" filter.

Custom groups can be used in a search like any other entity available - they can be combined with every other filter or group (with boolean OR or AND), with every keyword, or similar documents search. Groups are available for all data types, but Groups containing entity types which are not available for a data type will be greyed out when this data type is selected.

Note: URLs containing a custom group cannot be shared with others. 

How do I create a new group?

  1. Select several entities from one filter type.

  2. Click “Add to group” at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select a name and click “Save”.

The new group will now be available under “My groups” in the filter section.

Fig. 1: To create a group for the Group of Seven (G7), select the countries from the respective filter and click “Add to group” at the bottom of the filter section.

Fig. 2: Select a name for your group; if there are more groups available based on the Country filter they will appear here as well.

Fig. 3: “G7” appears under "My Groups" and can now be used in the same way as any other filter in Dimensions.

How do I edit existing groups?

Adding items to a group

  1. Select one or more entities from a filter.

  2. Click “Add to group”.

  3. Select a group or create a new one, then click “Save” (note: the modal only shows groups which contain the same entity type).

Removing items from a group

  1. Go to “Browse my groups”.

  2. Click on “Show details” to see which entities this group includes.

  3. Remove an item from the group by clicking “Delete”.

Fig. 4: Browse "My Groups" to review the items within groups, open them in a new tab, or remove them from the group.

Exporting group definitions

Definitions of all groups that you have created can be exported by clicking on the "Export Group Definitions" button at the top of the list, which will directly download a .csv file to your computer containing this information.