Categories are used as ways to search and filter information.

All data in Dimensions is labelled with all classification systems simultaneously, and this means that different categories can be selected at the same time in order to give combined filters of information. For example, the “Economics” category from the FOR classification system can be combined together with the “Mental Health” category from the RCDC system to give only those results which apply to both categories.

Categories are one of the many filters that can be applied to the listed data search results. For example, you can see all grants that fall into the RCDC definition of cardiovascular research by simply clicking the “Cardiovascular” filter within the RCDC category menu.  

A user may also view a categorized summary of the current search results using the FOR codes. For example, we can see a summary view of projects funded by NSERC – click the “NSERC” filter on the left filter bar, then click “Research Categories” on the right sidebar to move into the Analytical Views area where the funding results are broken down by category in list form, and can also be examined with the range of visualisations available.