Not all publications in Dimensions will have all three metric scores associated with them. The reasons for this vary with each metric:

Citation count

If a publication is new, or has not yet been cited by any other publication within Dimensions, it will not have a citation count. Citations may also be missing if we don't have access to the citing publication's references or are not able to process them due to formatting issues. Please note that this cannot be corrected manually.

Relative Citation Ratio (RCR)

An article must be at least 2 years old,  have at least one citation, and be indexed in PubMed to receive an RCR score. Also, publications published before 1980 do not presently have an RCR score (this is simply a limitation of calculations so far performed and may change in the future).

Field Citation Ratio (FCR)

An article must be at least 2 years old, published in 2000 or later, and have at least one citation to receive an FCR score. Articles also need to have at least one assigned second-level (i.e. 4-digit) "Fields of Research" category (an assignment is not always possible if there is not enough text to categorise the document).

Altmetric Attention Score

A publication must have had some online attention through one of the sources monitored by Altmetric (e.g. news outlets, social media, blogs, etc.) to have an Attention Score. If Altmetric attention seems to be missing for a research output, please see this page for more information and to submit it to Altmetric.