For the majority of grants the following data fields are included - title, abstract, funder, funding period, grant number, start date, end date, amount of money, researcher(s), organisation hosting the researcher, and the city, state and country of that organisation. In some cases project information does not include information for all of these fields, and this is determined by what the funder makes available. For example, the European Commission does not make the researcher name(s) known.

The below table explains what is meant by each of the data fields.

Details page field
Grant title
Title of the grant
Funder name
Name of the awarding organization
Grant number(s)
Original grant ID(s)
Original description
Link to the funder website or original data source
Awarded researcher(s)
Research organizations
Awarded organization(s) / investigator affiliation(s)
AbstractAbstract for the grant
Similar grants
Similar grants based on key phrases in the abstract of a grant
Resulting publications
Publications acknowledging this grant, or reported by funder
Linked Clinical trials
Clinical trials acknowledging this grant (currently only trials)
Funding amount
Funding amount in default and original currency
Funding period
Start and end date
ProgramFunding schemes, programs, mechanisms, etc. provided by the original data source
KeywordsKeywords provided by the original data source
Research categories
Categories assigned by Dimensions based on machine learning guided by topic experts