The publications content type in Dimensions includes journal articles, preprints, books and book chapters, and conference proceedings. To see a complete list of all source titles covered in Dimensions, open “Analytical views” while searching the publications data source, and then go to the “Source titles” tab. This will then list all of the source titles of the results from your search. When this is done with no search in the search bar it will list all Source titles found in Dimensions.

You may currently filter for the following publication types using the filter on the left-hand side:

Publication type


Article from a scientific journal or trade magazine, including news and editorial content
Edited book or volume comprised of chapters usually written by different authors and harmonized by one or more editors
Individual part of an (edited) book, including individual entries in encyclopediae
Book on a single subject or an aspect of a subject, often by a single author
Non-peer-reviewed version of a scholarly or scientific paper
Individual paper published in conference proceedings, including editorial content