The table below shows you what is meant by each of the data fields in Dimensions for Publications.

Details page field
Publication type
Type of the publication: article, (edited) book, chapter, proceeding, monograph or preprint
Publication title
Title of the publication
Journal information
Name of the journal, volume, issue, page range / article ID, publication year
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - links out to the publisher version of the publication
Author(s) of the publication, affiliations (if available)
Abstract (if available)
Associated data
Data from figshare related to this publication
Publication references
Publications in Dimensions cited by this record
Supporting grants
Grants in Dimensions supporting this publication
Publication citations
Publications in Dimensions citing this record
Patent citations
Patents citing this publication
Linked clinical trials
Clinical trials linked with this publication (currently limited to
Policy document citations
Policy documents in Dimensions citing this item
Dimensions badge incl. Total citations, Recent citations, FCR (Field Citation Ratio), Relative Citation Ration (RCR); Altmetric badge
Funded by
Funder names identified in the acknowledgement/funding section of the publication - can include funder names which are not mentioned in “Supporting grants”
Research categories
Research topics based on the Fields of Research (FoR) system, Research, Condition, and Disease Categorizations (RCDC), Health Category (HRCS), Broad Research Areas (BRA) and Health Research Areas (HRA)
External Sources
Link to the publisher website, PubMed