Publications details page

The following information is available on the details page of a publication record in Dimensions:

Publication typeType of the publication: article, (edited) book, chapter, proceeding, monograph or preprint
Publication titleTitle of the publication
Journal informationName of the journal, volume, issue, page range / article ID, publication year
DOIDigital Object Identifier (DOI) - links out to the publisher version of the publication
AuthorsAuthor(s) of the publication, affiliations (if available)
AbstractAbstract (if available)
Associated dataData from figshare related to this publication
Publication referencesPublications in Dimensions cited by this record
Supporting grantsGrants in Dimensions supporting this publication
Publication citationsPublications in Dimensions citing this record
Patent citationsPatents in Dimensions citing this publication
Linked clinical trialsClinical trials linked with this publication (currently limited to
Policy document citationsPolicy documents in Dimensions citing this item
MetricsDimensions badge incl. Total citations, Recent citations, FCR (Field Citation Ratio), Relative Citation Ration (RCR); Altmetric badge
Funded byFunder names identified in the acknowledgement/funding section of the publication - can include funder names that are not mentioned in “Supporting grants”
Research categoriesResearch topics based on the Fields of Research (ANZSRC 2020); Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization; Health Category (HRCS); Broad Research Areas; Health Research Areas; Cancer Types; Common Scientific Outline (CSO); Units of Assessment; Sustainable Development Goals
MeSH termsMedical Subject Headings for PubMed/MEDLINE publications
External SourcesLink to the publisher website, PubMed

Publications export (full data)

The following fields / columns are included in an Excel/CSV export for publication search results*:

Field / column
RankSearch rank for relevancy sorting
Publication IDDimensions publication ID
DOIDigital Object Identifier
PMCIDPubMed Central ID
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
TitleTitle of the publication
AcknowledgementsAcknowledgements section
Funding section
Source titleSource title (e.g. journal name or preprint server, or book series)
Anthology titleTitle of edited book (for chapters); proceedings title (for proceedings papers)
Book editors
Editors of edited book
PublisherName of the publisher
ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number
MeSH termsMedical Subject Headings for PubMed/MEDLINE publications
Publication DatePublication date (if both publication online and print dates are available, Publication Date is the earlier date)
PubYearPublication year (first published)
Publication Date (online)Online publication date
Publication Date (print)Print publication date
VolumeJournal volume
IssueJournal issue
PaginationStart and end pages or article ID
Open AccessOpen access status (from
Publication TypePublication type (Article, Proceeding, Monograph, Edited Book, Chapter, Preprint)
Document Type
Sub-type of publication (e.g. review article, editorial, reference work, etc.)
AuthorsAuthor names
Authors (Raw Affiliation)Author names (incl. raw affiliation from the source)
Corresponding AuthorName of the corresponding author (if available)
Authors AffiliationsAuthor names and (disambiguated) affiliations
Research Organizations - standardizedDisambiguated research organizations
GRID IDsGRID IDs of the disambiguated research organizations
City of standardized Research organizationCity of the disambiguated research organization
State of standardized Research organizationState of the disambiguated research organization
Country of standardized Research organizationCountry of the disambiguated research organization
FunderFunder (disambiguated) who supported the research
Funder GroupFunder group of the funder (if applicable)
Funder CountryCountry of the disambiguated funder
UIDs of supporting grantsDimensions IDs of the supporting grants
Supporting GrantsOriginal grant IDs of the supporting grants, extracted from the acknowledgements
Times citedNumber of citations (references from other publications in Dimensions)
Recent citationsNumber of citations within the past two years
RCRRelative Citation Ratio
FCRField Citation Ratio
AltmetricAltmetric Attention Score
Source LinkoutLink to the original document (e.g. on the publisher's website)
Dimensions URLLink to the record in Dimensions
Fields of Research (ANZSRC 2020)Fields of Research
RCDC CategoriesResearch, Condition and Disease Classification
HRCS HC CategoriesHRCS Health Category
HRCS RAC CategoriesHRCS Research Activity Codes
Health Research AreasHealth Research Areas
Broad Research AreasBroad Research Areas
Cancer TypesCancer type coding scheme (complements CSO Categories)
CSO CategoriesClassification system organized into six broad areas of scientific interest in cancer research
Units of AssessmentUnits of Assessment
Sustainable Development GoalsUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals

*Availability of some fields dependent on subscription and availability in indexing sources.