You may currently filter for the following publication and document types using the filter on the left-hand side:

Publication types

These are mainly based on how a research output has been classified at the source (e.g. in Crossref or PubMed or by the publisher).

Publication type


ArticleArticle from a scientific journal or trade magazine, including news and editorial content
BookEdited book or volume comprised of chapters usually written by different authors and harmonized by one or more editors
ChapterIndividual part of an (edited) book, including individual entries in encyclopediae
MonographBook on a single subject or an aspect of a subject, often by a single author
PreprintNon-peer-reviewed version of a scholarly or scientific paper
ProceedingIndividual paper published in conference proceedings, including editorial content

Document types

Document types offer a more granular view of a publication, allowing you to drill down to sub-groups such as research articles, conference abstracts and letters to the editor. In order to determine the document type of a publication Dimensions uses a combined classifier based on two main classifiers:

  • A set of highly reliable fixed rules based on the metadata of a publication, mostly relying on a type provided by a publisher (similar to publication types above);
  • A machine-learning model, applied where the document doesn’t fit one of the fixed rules.

Alongside each output we provide a flag indicating whether the document type class is considered citable, i.e. whether this publication can reasonably be expected to be referenced in other work. The citable flag is tied to the document type, not calculated for the document itself and is available in the Dimensions data on Google BigQuery.

Note that the classifier does not try and classify the following publication types: Monographs, Edited Books.

Document typeIs citableDefinition
Conference Paper
Original research papers written by different authors and presented at a scientific conference. Typically published in a proceeding.
Research Article
Primary research published in a journal.
Research Chapter
Chapters in edited books are original works. A chapter in an Edited book is a separate part of the edited book contributed by different authors and harmonized by an editor. Monograph chapters are considered to be an integral part of the Monograph and are hence not indexed individually.
Review Article
Systematic review articles
Book Review
Review of published books
Conference Abstract
Abstracts of publications presented at conferences. Also includes abstracts used for presentations as well as posters.
Correction Erratum
Correction or Erratum published in relation to other publication
Opinion maker, that tackles recent events and issues, and attempts to formulate viewpoints based on an objective analysis of happenings and conflicting/contrary opinions. Editorials reconcile between contrary viewpoints or standpoints, they are balanced in the analysis of evidence and events, and they are, manifest or otherwise, crusading in its thrust. (see e.g., this paper). In addition to articles explicitly titled editorial, this includes, Introduction, Foreword or Preface, leading article, and similar content.
Letter to Editor
Post-publication communication directed to the journal, on some aspects of an original paper published in the journal, including post-publication reviews or critique. Also includes communication in form of a comment, a discussion or a note.
Other Book Content
Book content not possible to add to any of the other book categories.
Other Conference Content
Conference content not possible to add to any of the other conference categories
Other Journal Content
Other non-citable document types including announcements
Reference Work
Used for quick information seeking, with a generally informative writing style.