Users of Dimensions Plus or Dimensions Analytics who also have access to Altmetric Explorer are able to export the results of a publications search in Dimensions to Altmetric Explorer to then view and analyse the Altmetric attention for this set of documents. (Only users who have the necessary permissions will see this feature on their Dimensions page).

Step-by-step instructions

  1. In Dimensions, you will be able to see the button

  2. Run a publications search, and ensure that you only have 25,000 results or fewer. (If your publications search query has more than 25,000 results, then the button will not be usable.)
  3. Once you have filtered your results down to 25,000 or fewer, you’ll see the “See attention in Altmetric Explorer” button light up. Simply click the button to view your attention results in the Altmetric Explorer, where you can drill down into the individual mentions, see attention data over time, and more.

In the Altmetric Explorer, you can save your new imported Dimensions query into your saved searches, and the data will automatically update every day based on the search criteria that you entered in Dimensions. 


I thought I had access to both Dimensions Plus/Analytics and Altmetric Explorer, but I cannot see/use the "See attention in Altmetric Explorer" button. Why not?

The button is only available when searching in publications, and can only be used with a search that returns less than 25,000 publications. If you still are not able to see or use the button but you believe you should have access, please contact us on

I don't have an account for Altmetric Explorer - how can I create one?

Simply email, quoting your institution name, and the Altmetric Support Team will be able to help you get set up.