We are harvesting our publication data automatically mainly from Crossref; for that reason, a prerequisite for indexing is having DOIs for all of your articles, and these DOIs would need to be registered with Crossref.

To see if your journal, book or other content has already been indexed, try searching for it by typing its name into the "Source title" filter on the bottom left. Sometimes, if the journal is very new, it may not be available in the filter yet, but we may have harvested some articles from Crossref already. You can test this by searching for some of your DOIs or a DOI prefix (via the DOI search option at the top). If you find the articles, but they appear without a journal name, this will likely be added with one of the next publication core updates, which are released 2-4 times a year.

Crossref metadata recommendations

When depositing metadata to Crossref, we recommend enriching this as much as possible, including at least the following:

While not strictly necessary for indexing, this improves the presentation of your publications in Dimensions and allows us to do further data processing, such as disambiguating authors and their affiliated organizations and locations, extracting citations and categorizing the articles into specific fields of research.