As a registered user, you can easily export search results via the "Save/Export" button in the right corner of the search box at the top:

Export options

In the pop-up window, you can then select between the following options:

Export full record

Click on the "File format" drop-down to choose between CSV (comma-separated) or XLSX (Excel).

Export for bibliometric mapping*

Get a file with the data required to create bibliometric networks with VOSviewer or CiteSpace.

Export for reference manager*

Click on the "File format" drop-down to choose between BibTeX or RIS for files that can be imported into reference management tools.

Get an email when the export is ready

You can opt to be notified via email when your export is ready for download. Exports are available to download in your account's Export center for 30 days.

Export / download limits

Product variantFull recordBibliometric Mapping*Reference Manager*Analytical Views
Analytics5,000 / 50,000**50,000500500

Note on export duration

All export requests are added to a queue. You should receive your export usually within a couple of minutes; however, during peak times of heavy usage it may take up to several hours for it to be processed. If you haven't received your export file after 6 hours or more, please file a support ticket via the "Send Feedback" option in the "Support" menu.

* Only available for publications.
** Customer-specific setting. If your organization subscribes to Dimensions Analytics and you require the higher download limit, please get in touch via the "Send Feedback" option under "Support" on
*** Legacy product variant.