Dimensions data and the GDPR

Much of the data we use and display within Dimensions (see app.dimensions.ai) contains personal data, such as names of journal article authors and details of their research history, which is already publicly available and forms part of the scientific record. By increasing its discoverability and helping identify linkages, amongst other things, we believe this adds value to the scientific community and rely on our “legitimate business interests” to process this information, further details of which will be set out in our privacy policy.

User accounts and the GDPR

If you register to use Dimensions, we require certain limited information about you to set-up an account. Registered users can have their account deleted if desired by simply clicking on the "Delete Account" button within the account settings area - this will result in the deletion of your registration details and other information that may be linked to your account.

Any questions?

If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us at support@dimensions.ai.

Dimensions Subprocessors

Digital Science may engage the following group and third party entities to assist them in connection with Dimensions, including to provide hosting and infrastructure services and customer and technical support and which may therefore involve the processing of personal data:

Affiliate Name*


Digital Science & Research Solutions Ltd


Digital Science & Research SRL


DS Digital Science GmbH


Third Party Service Provider Name*




Amazon Web Services

US (server location may differ)






*Not all service providers will be used for every user

Date: February 2019