Dimensions offers a free version for personal, non-commercial use: all publications, citations and datasets together with rich contextual information.

Dimensions Analytics offers access to all data in Dimensions: all publications, datasets, grants, patents, clinical trials and policy documents plus additional tools designed to deliver in-depth data analytics and meet specific analytical needs. Interested in a demo or quote for Dimensions Analytics or any other Dimensions data products? Get in touch with us here.

Free version

Dimensions Analytics

Available content

Publications, datasets

Publications, datasets, grants, patents, clinical trials, policy documents

Export limit

500 records

5,000 - 50,000 records


Access via individual account

IP whitelisting, proxy and single sign-on (Shibboleth, etc.).


- Advanced Analytics API optionally available for an additional fee (included with Analytics for Institutions)

- CRIS API for integration with research information and managements systems optionally available for an additional fee (included with Analytics for Institutions)

Data on Google BigQuery

Sandbox only
(COVID-19 data set)

Full data set optionally available for an additional fee

Search functionality

Perform searches in full data or limit to title & abstract across all data types.

- Basic boolean operators in full data or title & abstract
- DOI search for publications
- Expanded boolean operators in full text or title & abstract searches
- Option to exclude selected filters
- DOI search for publications
- Similar documents search
- Advanced search (with co-occurring concepts, in specific data fields)
- Bulk search (for up to a maximum of 25,000 document IDs)

Alerts for new search results

Get weekly emails alerting you to new results matching your search

Publications only

Publications, datasets, grants, patents, clinical trials, policy documents

Available filters


Expanded (e.g. additional research categorization systems, specialized category systems, research organizations, funders, publishers, and research organisation / funder groups)

My Groups

Define your own filter groups of like entities (e.g. research organizations, researchers)


Shared Groups

Share a filter group with other Analytics users at your organization


Analytical Views


Expanded, additional views and metrics for all content types



Expanded, including customizable timelines and heatmaps that can be exported as image or data files

Reviewer finder / workflow support

Reviewer identification tool, which includes committee building, committee assignment, and clustering for manuscripts and applications. Advanced portfolio reporting functionalities for research funders and publishers, and coding support for several category systems.

Available for publishers and funders

Dashboard applications

Dimensions Modules&Apps provides stock and custom analytical and workflow apps for different users and use cases – all drawing on the world’s largest linked research information dataset.

Available for an additional fee

Private data integration

Set up a physically separate application for your organization with the option to integrate private data for your analytical needs and reviewer identification. Custom implementations and integration with your existing systems.